The green house effects of continued leakage from carbon based gas carrying assets such as methane and carbon dioxide will be unfathomably amplified by future hydrogen leakage resulting in significant threat to the current global warming crisis. Sabine Technology has emerged with tomorrow's solution, to disrupt the very limited capabilities of today's methodologies. Our mission is to drive significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through deployment of comprehensive leak detection technologies that identify source anomaly, simultaneously delivering highly functional analysis and insight, enabling predictability of failure modes associated to gas delivery system's critical dynamically balanced systems including compressors and turbines.

Sabine Technology’s solutions were created by combining rigorously proven sensing instruments with advanced algorithms to accelerate the global decarbonization objective into a mode of NetZero-ASAP. We leverage proprietary, yet simplistic and uncompromisingly encrypted AI machine learning to create compact, and high-functioning next-generation embedded sensors supported by a cloud based data analytic computing platform.

The Sabine platform captures, analyzes and builds a library of acoustic signature data, allowing the system to gain intelligence, improving intimacy with the targeted application KPI while introducing new KPI previously not considered. This “Spectrum Broadening” approach leads to a deeper relationship with your assets, without the need to physically create and track the countless associated metrics, enabling immediate critical monitoring including remote interface by the asset stakeholders.

Additionally, current and voltage monitoring ensure the efficient operation of electrical systems. All these features come at a low cost, making this solution a high-value investment for industries seeking safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.