About Sabine Technology

Intrinsically Safe technology allows for safe operation in hazardous environments, ensuring the protection of personnel and assets. This is paired with remote monitoring capabilities, enabling real-time tracking and analysis of various parameters. Temperature measurement provides accurate data to monitor and control the conditions of critical equipment. Data analytics further enhances the monitoring process by analyzing patterns and trends to predict potential failures or anomalies. Acoustic emission and vibration sensors detect any abnormal noises or movements, providing early warning signs of potential equipment malfunctions. Additionally, current and voltage monitoring ensure the efficient operation of electrical systems. All these features come at a low cost, making this solution a high-value investment for industries seeking safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our principles

We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and reliable leak detection and data monitoring solutions.

Acoustic Sensor

Machine Learning and AI

Advanced Technology

Our platform incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to continuously improve the accuracy and efficiency of our data analysis.

Our advanced opto-acoustic sensor technology enables precise and real-time detection of leaks and characterization of power and acoustics.